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This section from a 1915 South Dakota map shows Cedar Pass Scenic Highway that went from the Oacoma area to Interior. In the 1920s and before, many roads in the United States received names. They were often associated with a booster group which collected dues and published trail guides and newsletters. Please contact us if you have information about the Cedar Pass Scenic Highway or its booster association.

The South Dakota map was published by the Geographical Publishing Company of Chicago, Illinois in 1915. After the 1920’s, the United States and many of the states developed a numbering system for roads. This route was slightly altered to became US Highway 16, and later, altered again to become Interstate 90.

This map will become part of the Chilson Collection.

The following is the source of this information and more:

“Transportation and Tourism” in A new South Dakota history, edited by Herbert T. Hoover and John E. Miller (Sioux Falls SD: The Center for Western Studies, Augustana College, 2005), 483-498.

Weingroff, Richard F. From names to numbers: the origins of the U.S. numbered highway system. U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. http://wwwcf.fhwa.dot.gov/infrastructure/numbers.cfm (accessed February 15, 2011).

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