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Dakota Days Float c. 1914

“The first South Dakota Day at the University was Friday, November 20, 1914.  The native townsmen of Vermillion and the oldest members of the faculty alike agreed that its equal has never before been seen in the University….Acting in accordance with the suggestions of the committee in charge of the arrangements, all of those who were to appear in the parade, which was the feature of the day, gathered–a mighty host.  And a cosmopolitan crowd, cosmopolitan to the fullest extent.  There were peoples of all nationalities, races, and desriptions, representing multifarious forms of occupation…South Dakota Day is a unique feature in the history of the University.  It is not too much to say then that the day has come to stay as one of the annual features of the School, and that each year will see it bettered and enlarged, until it will become a traditional day to University students and Alumni.” — The Coyote, 1916

Dakota Days parade participants c. 1914

Dakota Days parade participants c. 1915


Dakota Days parade participants wait at Vermillion train station for rival football team to arrive from Mitchell c. 1915


Dakota Days parade in downtown Vermillion c. 1915

 –Information gathered from the Collections: 1916 Coyote, University Archives,  Photographs: USD Photograph Collection, Series 3


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