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Zoology class, University of Dakota, 1889

University of Dakota. Arbor Day ’89; Relay digging race

New photographs added to the Digital Library of South Dakota from the Franklin Joseph Muench Collection: http://explore.digitalsd.org/digital/collection/photograph/search/searchterm/muench/field/all/mode/all/conn/all/order/nosort/ad/asc .
Franklin Joseph Muench was born December 3, 1865 in Scott County, Minnesota. The family which consisted of seven daughters and one son, later moved to a farm in McCook County, South Dakota. Although the family had limited financial resources, arrangements were made for Joe to complete his primary education in Sioux Falls where he was able to live with an older married sister. In 1883, he began studies in the preparatory department at the University Of Dakota and graduated in the spring of 1890 with a Philosophical Degree from the Collegiate Department.
After graduation, Joe returned to McCook County and opened a general dry goods store in Canistota. In April, 1892, Joe married Emma Freiberg Keller, a widow who had moved from Minnesota. They attended the Columbian Exposition in Chicago for their honeymoon.
A baby girl, Marie, was born to the couple in the spring of 1895. In late summer, Joe contracted an acute form of tuberculosis and died in November that same year. — Contributed by Robert Troemel
This addition of photographs to the USD Photograph Collection provides us with a tintype (http://explore.digitalsd.org/digital/collection/photograph/id/476/rec/6) and some of the earliest photographs in our collection.

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