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Leo Gilroy Papers

The Leo Gilroy papers were donated to the Archives and Special Collections by Dorothy Gilroy and contain Mr. Gilroy’s research on Lakota and other Siouan languages. Mr. Gilroy was a Lakota language researcher and also wrote narratives and histories.

Moreover, a large contribution was made, thanks to Mrs. Dorothy Gilroy, in the brief story of the Sioux which was written and left in manuscript by her late husband Leo P. Gilroy in 1967 and then made available to use by the University of South Dakota in Vermillion from the L. P. Gilroy Collection. It is perhaps the finest and more balanced survey of the history of the Dakota people. My hope was that by including this section people’s many questions would be attempted to be answered by reading. I cannot help but feel a deep sense of gratitude to Mrs. Gilroy for the kind interest she has shown in seeking to have her husband’s study put to a practical use. — Rev. Paul Manhart, S.J.

The above is quoted from Dictionary of the Teton Dakota Sioux Language; Lakota-English Dictionary by Rev. Eugene Buechel, S.J., edited by Rev. Paul Manhart, S.J., and published in 1970.

Manhart’s words give us insight into the importance of the Leo Gilroy Papers. Consisting of 21 boxes, it is a substantial collection on the study of the Lakota language.

The Leo Gilroy Papers are part of the Richardson Collection and are open for research.

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