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A. M. English, first sergeant of the 1st Dakota Cavalry, Company A

Amos F. Shaw, corporal of the 1st Dakota Cavalry, Company A 

Nelson Miner, captain of the 1st Dakota Cavalry, Company A

Benjamin Franklin was corporal of the 1st Minnesota Cavalry (Mounted Rangers), Company L and K, a private in the 2nd Minnesota Cavalry, Company H, and a private in the 2nd Minnesota Cavalry, Company K. Printed on verso: Benjamin Franklin, The UNFORTUNATE SOLDIER, who lost all his limbs by freezing, while crossing the plains from Fort Wadsworth, Dakotah Territory to Fort Ridgley, Minn. While he was making the journey in company with four others, they were caught in one of those dreadful storms which frequently occur on the plains, and all his comrades perished. He was out eight days and seven nights without food or fire, when found by two Indians was nearly starved to death. He is the only Soldier in the United States without hands and feet, and is trying to sell his Photographs for the benefit of his family. Price, 25 Cents. Bailey and Magraw, Photographers. 174 Third Street St. Paul, Minn.

Joseph C. Whitney, captain of the 6th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, Company D

The Beede Family Papers were donated to the Archives and Special Collections in 1985 by Dr. Grace L. Beede, USD Professor of Latin from 1928-1970.

These papers contain genealogical information regarding the Beede family. Grace Lucile Beede was the daughter of Rosa Hyde and William H. Beede of Vermillion. She received her BA from The University of South Dakota in 1926, her MA in Classics from Washington University (St. Louis, Missouri), and received her Ph. D. at the University of Chicago in 1936. Dr. Beede was also the great-granddaughter of Captain Nelson Preston Miner. Miner was born on September 29, 1827 in Hartland, Ohio, and married Cordelia Gates on October 15, 1850. The couple had eight children—five girls and two boys. Miner came to Dakota Territory in 1860, and helped to muster into service the 1st Dakota Cavalry Company A. This company, formed in the fall of 1861, consisted of 100 men for the purpose of setting up a garrison post for the area. Miner and his men were also instrumental in the building of the first school log house in the fall of 1864. The schoolhouse was located just below the bluff on the east side of what is now known as Dakota Street. The structure was also used by local citizens as a meeting and voting place. In January 1865, Miner was mustered out of service. He was then appointed Register of the U. S. Land office, elected as a member of the Territorial Council from 1872-1878. He eventually owned the St. Nicholas hotel in Vermillion. Miner died on October 23, 1879.  – Beede Family Papers , Richardson Collection

Selected photographs from the Grace Beede Family Papers have been published in the Digital Library of South Dakota. These photographs contain both identified and unidentified members of Company A as well as a few CDVs of members from other units. These photographs were likely collected and traded by Captain Miner.

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