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For quick tips on how to save your audio tapes, books, film and home movies, data, textiles, documents, slides, photographs, and scrapbooks, go to http://www.ala.org/alcts/preservationweek/howto.

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Mahoney Music Collection ML755.V52 1876-1878, v. 1, c. 1

Mahoney Music Collection ML755. V52 1876-1878, v. 1 c. 1

On John Mahoney’s recent visit to the Archives and Special Collections, he shared a novelty with the staff. Walking over and picking up a book out of the thousands he has collected over the years, he made a questioning inquiry about a fly. “Is this the book with the fly?” Sure enough…..several pages in, there was the “stamped fly.”

Fly stamp

Owner’s mark

The book is Les instruments a archet: les feseurs, les joueurs d’instrument, leur histoire dur le continen¬†by Antoine Vidal.

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