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danforthblog6William H. Danforth with two unidentified men in front of Danforth Chapel.danforthblog2Danforth Chapel fund directors.

In the front row, left to right, are: President I. D. Weeks, William H. Danforth, and Miss Grace Beede. Standing, left to right, are: the Rev. G. Thomas Fattaruso, director of University religious activities, R. D. Falk, Joan Vaughn, Martin Weeks Jr., Professor H. E. Brookman, and Professor Grace E. Burgess.danforthblogI. D. Weeks, Rev. G. Thomas Fattaruso, Grace Beede, William H. Danforth, Joan Vaughn, and H. E. Brookman pictured inside of Danforth Chapel.danforthblog3William H. Danforth with three unidentified women.danforthblog1I. D. Weeks and William H. Danforth.danfothblog4I. D. Weeks, William H. Danforth inside Danforth Chapel.

Today has been an exciting day in the Archives and Special Collections department! We have digitized pictures of William H. Danforth, the man who partially funded the Danforth Chapel. These photographs, aside from the group portrait which was shown in the September 21st, 1954 issue of The Volante, may not have been printed from the negatives or shared before.

“The chapel, a place for quiet personal meditation, will not be used for denominational purposes, but will be open for every student’s use, regardless of faith.” — Danforth

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