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Presented here is a unique photograph and view of a portion of the University of South Dakota campus. The photograph features “University Park” in the foreground. Behind University Park, one can see the Armory (Al Neuharth Media Center), the North Complex, the Engineering Building, Inman Field, and the Observatory. Of all the structures in this photograph, the Al Neuharth Media Center is the only building still extant.

University Park was designed as housing for veterans who were married during their academic studies after the end of WWII.

Of critical importance was the search for living quarters for married veterans. One possible aid was that new type of compact housing which had emerged during the war, the efficient house trailer. Therefore, application was made to the Federal Housing Authority for surplus trailers, and with encouraging speed fifty of them were in place the second semester of 1945-46 in “Vets’ Villa” at the later location of the Medical and Science Building. By that autumn, one hundred thirty-three would be ready, seventy-six in “Vets’ Villa” and another fifty-seven at “University Park” northwest of the old Union Building. Here life went on in crowded quarters close to the school at monthly rates of $28 and $32 (expansible for those with children.) – The University of South Dakota 1862-1966 by Cedric Cummins (1975) p. 245-246

University Park

University Park


Photograph from the I.D. and Virginia Weeks Papers, Richardson Collection

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Sneak-peek of box 3

Z000603 Z000615

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The Herman P. Chilson Collection of Western Americana, located in the Archives and Special Collections, includes books, journals, maps, pamphlets, and other print materials relating to local histories, South Dakota history, Native American cultures, and United States western expansion. The Chilson Collection is cataloged and information about items in the collection can be found using the library catalog.

Learning about birds and watching birds was one of Mr. Chilson’s many interests, and he included ornithology books in his 1979 donation to the University of South Dakota. One of the ornithology books is The Passenger Pigeon, written by W.B. Mershon and published in 1907. This book includes many contemporary accounts of the passenger pigeon and its decline.

September 1, 2014 will be the 100th anniversary of the death of Martha, the last passenger pigeon (Discover September 2014, p. 70).

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This photo to me is the culminating event of my time here in the Archives and Special Collections, all of these people have been haunting me-in a good way-all summer. Whether it is Beth Lund-Miss Young Republican 1955-or Ramona Memmer-active student all around campus-these people have been in my life for the past few months; their faces and hairlines etched into my memory. All of these people are part of the ‘Who’s Who in American Colleges,’


                   Left to right: Back row: Thomas R. Lehnert, Kay Kiel, Charles Burns, Beth Lund, Ann Louise Shaw, Lavon Mickelson, Bill Rawlings, Fred Rovere, Jim Rath, Mary McKeon, William Brady. Front row: Singrid Anderson, Bruce Lushbough, Ramona Memmer, Frank Meyers, Marilyn Hobbs, Jane Mumford, Richard ‘Dick’ Chaussee, Walborg Olsen, Cholice ‘Jackie’ Pier.

“Twenty-two deserving USD seniors were elected to be listed in this year’s volume of “Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.” Selected by a faculty and student committee, they were chosen for scholastic attainment and participation in campus activities. The names of these seniors-eleven men and eleven women-were sent in to the national office of “Who’s Who,” where they were included in the 1955 edition of this publication.” -1955 Coyote

These people have come to mean something to me in my time working here, despite having attended USD in the 1950’s, I feel a kinship to these people as a fellow USD student. Despite my life now in 2014 being incredibly different than their life was in 1954, I feel that these people have become part of my life over the past few months and I feel like I know them in some way.

As summer 2014 comes to a close, I find myself feeling nostalgic for my summer spent with these people.

Happy identifying,


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jane2Jane Mumford


Walborg M. Olsen


R. H. Knapp

fred rovere

Fred Rovere



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Who Wants a Coyote?

Anybody want a coyote?

A well-tamed pet coyote can be had for the asking, if some one from the University is willing to give it a home. The present owner lives in Irene, S.D., and desires to give his pet to someone who will appreciate it. Naturally, he thought of the University students first.

Notice of the proposed gift was received last week by S. W. (Steve) Jones, director of public relations, from Marvin Fjordback, publisher of the Tri-County News at Irene. In a phone call to Jones, Fjordback said that a man at Irene had raised the animal from a pup, but could no longer keep him.

Fjordback suggested that possibly some of the University organizations might appreciate having the coyote and the owner readily agreed.

Anyone interested in having the coyote is asked to get in touch with Fjordback in Irene.

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