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Who Wants a Coyote?

Anybody want a coyote?

A well-tamed pet coyote can be had for the asking, if some one from the University is willing to give it a home. The present owner lives in Irene, S.D., and desires to give his pet to someone who will appreciate it. Naturally, he thought of the University students first.

Notice of the proposed gift was received last week by S. W. (Steve) Jones, director of public relations, from Marvin Fjordback, publisher of the Tri-County News at Irene. In a phone call to Jones, Fjordback said that a man at Irene had raised the animal from a pup, but could no longer keep him.

Fjordback suggested that possibly some of the University organizations might appreciate having the coyote and the owner readily agreed.

Anyone interested in having the coyote is asked to get in touch with Fjordback in Irene.

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