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In addition to books, magazines, pamphlets, and ephemera, the Mahoney Music Collection also contains unpublished material, such as:


All About Violin Varnish : Its Manufacture And Application.

Gould, John A.


Illustrations To Old Violins And Their Value

Fleming, James M.


John Gould’s Violin Instrument Appraisals – 1945-1984

Gould, John


Sur Sylvestre, Luthier

Morel de Voleine, L.


John Mahoney, creator of this collection, has suggested that the unpublished material would make good student projects. Researching the background and the creator of any of these items would be a fun and valuable endeavor. Can you imagine the information that can be gleaned from violin appraisals done over such a long period of time from one location?

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USD Time Capsule

Did you know that the Archives and Special Collections has a time capsule? It was filled with items related to the centennial of the University of South Dakota and is scheduled to be opened in 2082.

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