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Collections held by the Archives and Special Collections:


Arthur AmiotteNews report :: Institute of American Indian Studies - USD

Oscar Howe

Robert Penn

Charles Trimble

Cato Valandra

Rosebud Yellow Robe


Image of Charles Trimble from the Digital Library of South Dakota.




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Frederick (Feikema) Manfred (1912-1994) was writer-in-residence at the University of South Dakota from 1968 through 1982. In 1993, the University of South Dakota awarded Manfred an honorary doctorate of letters and literature.


Photographs from the USD Photograph Collection, Series 3.

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Veterans’ Day

soldier cropped

I recently found this interesting article “The University and the War Call”, by Robert W. Jones, Dept. of Journalism, USD Bulletin Series XVIII, No. 3, April 1918 in a collection called USD Publications.


The article tells us that hanging in the chapel was a flag with 200 stars, one for “every man now in khaki was formerly connected with the University of South Dakota, either as student or teacher”.


Headings in the article are:

Service flag has 200 stars

Coyote athletes at the front

University girls show spirit

Enrollment shows little decrease

War caused change in rules

Faculty helps in war work


April 2017 will be the 100th anniversary of the United States entering World War I.

Image from the Digital Library of South Dakota.

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