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Oscar Howe in Studio, 1960's

Oscar Howe in Studio, 1960’s

Today while working with the Oscar Howe Papers, I found the following short statement by Oscar Howe about Vincent Price, “…for forteen (sic) years, Vincent was commissioner of the Indian Arts and Crafts Board of the Department of the Interior. Just last year, he requested that he be replaced by a Native American, an Indian. As commissioner, he made it his responsibility to awaken the American and world public to the beauty of Indian art, and to foster its sale. And, in a very personal way, I must thank you again, Vincent, for engineering my own appearance on my ‘This is Your Life’ years ago.”

Source: This is Your Life script, with autographs, This Your Life 1960 folder, Box 46, Oscar Howe papers (MS 072), Archives and Special Collections, University of South Dakota.


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