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During the 1980s and 1990s, University of South Dakota commencement program covers often presented brief descriptions of USD buildings.




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The South Dakota Oral History Project’s first year was described in a 1970 South Dakota History article.


“This past summer an oral history project was inaugurated in South Dakota. Five thousand dollars was funded by the state legislature at the request of Dayton Canaday, State Historian, and Professor Joseph Cash of the University of South Dakota. Professor Cash and Mr. Canaday suggested to the state legislature that a project be initiated among white settlers while reminiscent accounts of early statehood were still available. The State Historical Society received the money as part of its budget allocation, and the University agreed to provide personnel and technical assistance necessary to produce taped interviews. It was also agreed that two copies of each tape would be produced and placed in the archives at Pierre and Vermillion. This writer was hired as the primary interviewer, and the remaining funds went toward the purchase of tapes, secretarial assistance, and other incidentals.”


Check out the article for information on partners, methodologies, and common themes.


Stephen R. Ward, An Early Assessment of the South Dakota Oral History Project, South Dakota History, vol. 1, no. 1, Winter 1970.


Contact the South Dakota Oral History Center at USD to learn more about the interviews collected for this project. Many, if not all, of the interviews have a record in the library catalog.

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