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The first week of May everyone on campus was cramming for finals and preparing for summer. I was in the same boat as everyone else, cramming for finals and preparing to head home for a week. It was within that week that I was informed that a position in the archives was open and I quickly put in an application. It wasn’t until the next week, while I was at home that I heard anything on the job, and through email correspondence I set up an interview time for the following week. As the interview came and went I felt very positive about the prospect and possibility of receiving a job within the archives, and before the week was up I had a new job in the archives.

The following week after accepting the job offer, my struggle was real and the twister of life sucked me up and dropped me into the land of archives (once all my paper work was in order). From that first week up to now it has been an adventure, somethings such as phase boxes and photo copying take longer than others and aren’t to entirely glamorous. The staff in the archives are some of the friendliest and nicest people I have had the experience to work with. Doris is always ready to help answer my question and direct me in the right direction.

As time continues I feel that much like the scavenger hunt I completed at the beginning of my time here in the archives, some tasks will be easier while others I will struggle my way through. Yet at the end of the day I know that this is only the beginning of my adventures here in the archives.

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