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-while at the time having a region called New South Wales


Close-up of New Holland


1798  World Map


in a book with a long title in the Chilson Collection in the Archives and Special Collections:

Payne, John. A New and Complete System of Universal Geography; Describing Asia, Africa, Europe and America; with Their Subdivisions of Republics, States, Empires, and Kingdoms: The Extent, Boundaries, and Remarkable Appearances of Each Country; Cities, Towns, and Curiosities of Nature and Art, Also Giving a General Account of the Fossil and Vegetable Productions of the Earth. The History of Man, in All Climates, Regions, and Conditions; Customs, Manners, Laws, Governments, and Religions: The State of Arts, Sciences, Commerce, Manufactures, and Knowledge. Sketches of the Ancient and Modern History of Each Nation and People to the Present Time. To Which Is Added, a View of Astronomy, as Connected with Geography; of the Planetary System to Which the Earth Belongs; and of the Universe in General … Being a Large and Comprehensive Abridgement of Universal Geography. New York: Printed For, and Sold by John Low, Book-seller, at the Shakespeare Head, No. 332 Waterstreet, 1798. Call number Chilson Collection¬† G114 .P34 .

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