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image of handwritten recipe

I found this handwritten recipe in a cookbook in the Archives and Special Collections. What does it make? Who put it there? Does cathup equal ketchup? Is there still shredded wheat in the breakfast food aisle?

I have to use it soon and find out what it makes. Meatloaf? Meatloaf Appreciation Day is October 18th.

The recipe was found between the pages of Good Things to Eat and How to Prepare Them. Buffalo NY: Larkin Co., 1906, which is in the Chilson Collection. Many cookbooks on a wide variety of topics can be found there.

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The Forgotten Pool

Few people remember a pool in the 1929 newly constructed two-story armory and gymnasium building at the University of South Dakota (USD). The New Armory, as the building was called, was designed by renowned Sioux Falls architects Hugill and Blatherwick to serve two purposes: as a military armory and a replacement for the Old Armory (now Belbas Larson Center) women’s gymnasium.  Besides serving as a venue for indoor athletics, the New Armory also housed military equipment and uniforms, classrooms and offices, and the basement contained a shooting range.

              According to his papers, President Slagle was intimately involved in the construction of the building which started construction in 1928. A letter from the architects to President Slagle noted specifics about the swimming pool located on the southeast portion of first floor. A February 5, 1929, Volante article describes the building as 100 by 200 feet. It was large enough to accommodate three basketball courts. The tiled swimming pool was 25 by 75 feet with room on one side for spectator bleachers. Not only did the pool serve USD students and faculty, but Vermillion citizens were also welcome. Pictures of the Dolphins, a women’s swimming group can be found in several Coyote yearbooks from the 1950’s.

Plans of the New Armory 1st floor. (Archives and Special Collections)               


Picture of Dolphins in the swimming pool. Note the tiling. (Coyote Yearbook, 1955)

In 1929 an outdoor pool was constructed in Prentis Park, but it was only operational in the summer, making the New Armory pool available for swimming all year round. Over the years with the increase in student enrollment and growth of athletics, a new structure to house athletics was built called the DakotaDome that opened in 1980. The function of the New Armory also changed as it became home to South Dakota Broadcasting (E. O. Lawrence Telecommunications Center) and USD Military Science Department. In 2003 the building was again renovated and became the Al Neuharth Media Center which is home to the Department of Media and Journalism, the Volante, Freedom Forum, KYOT TV and KAOR radio stations, and South Dakota Public Broadcasting. The pool is still there covered in sand, but not forgotten.

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Enjoy finding the changes in the USD campus from 1960 to 2016. These maps are from the USD Undergraduate Catalogs and are as close to 10 years apart as possible. Most of the graduate and undergraduate USD catalogs can be viewed at the Archives and Special Collections.

USD campus map 1960
from USD Undergraduate Catalog 1960
USD campus map 1970
from USD Undergraduate Catalog 1970
USD campus map 1979-1980
from USD Undergraduate Catalog 1979-1980.
1989-1991 campus map
from USD Undergraduate Catalog 1989-1991
1998-2000 USD campus map
from USD Undergraduate Catalog 1998-2000

from USD Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

USD campus maps from 1901 and 1912 are on a July 31, 2019 blog post.

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