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East Hall was built 130 years ago in 1877. It was the third building constructed on our campus.




This image and description of the East Hall appeared on the cover of the 1981 commencement program. During the 1980s and 1990s, USD commencement programs often highlighted USD buildings. The Archives and Specials has an almost complete set of commencement programs from 1889 to 2016.


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Presented here is a unique photograph and view of a portion of the University of South Dakota campus. The photograph features “University Park” in the foreground. Behind University Park, one can see the Armory (Al Neuharth Media Center), the North Complex, the Engineering Building, Inman Field, and the Observatory. Of all the structures in this photograph, the Al Neuharth Media Center is the only building still extant.

University Park was designed as housing for veterans who were married during their academic studies after the end of WWII.

Of critical importance was the search for living quarters for married veterans. One possible aid was that new type of compact housing which had emerged during the war, the efficient house trailer. Therefore, application was made to the Federal Housing Authority for surplus trailers, and with encouraging speed fifty of them were in place the second semester of 1945-46 in “Vets’ Villa” at the later location of the Medical and Science Building. By that autumn, one hundred thirty-three would be ready, seventy-six in “Vets’ Villa” and another fifty-seven at “University Park” northwest of the old Union Building. Here life went on in crowded quarters close to the school at monthly rates of $28 and $32 (expansible for those with children.) – The University of South Dakota 1862-1966 by Cedric Cummins (1975) p. 245-246

University Park

University Park


Photograph from the I.D. and Virginia Weeks Papers, Richardson Collection

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