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Corporal Walter Kasten, 1918, France. Image from Digital Library of South Dakota.

Corporal Walter Kasten, 1918, France. Image from Digital Library of South Dakota.

The following collections in the Archives and Special Collections have content about the U.S. Military.

Army Specialized Training Programs – WWII

Austin, Horace – Civil War

Beede Family – 1st Dakota Cavalry

Bellamy, Paul E. – Spanish-American War

Burton, Frederick – WWII

Civil War Diary, Union Soldier, 1861-1863

Civilian Aeronautics Administration, USD Training Program, 1939-1945

Educational Media (Ed. Media) – VHS tape of “Citizenship, Leadership, and Character: The Korean War Generation, Then and Now” September 24, 2001

VHS tape of “Vietnam Experiences” April 27, 1995

Foss, Joseph Jacob – WWII

Frost, A. S. – Spanish-American War

Moses, Lloyd Roosevelt Command Papers – Korean War and WWII

National Archives Tribal Records – WWI, Drafting of Indians 1918 and Indian Regiment 1918

Vietnam Veterans, South Dakota Oral History

Check also our collections on photographs, publications, organizations, USD presidents, other USD administrators,  alumni, and South Dakota politicians.

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I recently attended the South Dakota State Historical Society 2013 History Conference. There were many great papers, but the one that stands out in my mind used maps plus a diary as primary resources. Graham Callaway talked about G.K. Warren’s 1856 maps of the Missouri River. These maps were only available at the National Archives, but are now published in the book by W. Raymond Wood and Graham Callaway from the State Historical Society of North Dakota. Hutton, a member of the expedition, also kept a journal of the expedition to map the river. Information from the diary helped the authors to interpret some of the symbols on the maps. There are 39 maps depicting the Missour River from what is now the Kansas-Nebraska border to the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers. Of special interest to me was the map showing the Vermillion area.

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